A Kind Heart is an institution committed to promote quality of life, a partner of everyone in the world of long term healthcare programs. A Kind Heart, provides care and health management to cancer patients, CVA/stroke patients, kidney/liver and hemodialysis patients, Ostomy/Colostomy, oxygen therapy, diabetes, wound and congestive heart failure.  


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At A Kind Heart...

All our caregivers has been screened extensively, including criminal background checks. Rest assured that we have taken every step to ensure you receive the best quality care possible. The care we offer is customized for your loved ones. We are always ready to cater for individual needs, since we believe that each and everyone's needs vary.

    • We will respect your rights, dignity and individuality.
    • We will promote your feeling of self worth.
    • We will help develop yourself functioning physically,  mentally and socially to the highest level possible.
    • We will enhance your quality of life.

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